The National University Journal of Science Vol.1, No.2

Editorial Board – The National University Journal of Science Vol.1, No.2
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Description & Articles:
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1 September 10, 2017 Cover Page
2 September 10, 2017 Editorial Board & Contents
3 September 10, 2017 Identification of Ecosystem Services in the City of Onkaparinga – Shuvra Roy
4 September 10, 2017 Determination of trace and toxic metals in pulses, spices and sauces – M. Zahurul Alam Chowdhury, Zainul Abedin Siddique, S.M. Afzal Hossain, M. Azizul Islam Kazi and Md. Aminul Ahsan
5 September 10, 2017 Effect of Plant Flavonoids on Mosquito Larvae – S. M. Abu Raihan
6 September 10, 2017 Isolation of Two Steroids and Two Flavonoids Having Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Properties from Aerial Stems of Equisetum Debile Roxb – Brazendranath Sarkar, S.M. Abu Raihan, Nasim Sultana and Mohammad Emdadul Islam
7 September 10, 2017 Assessment of Age Dependent Reference Range of Thyrotropin Hormone Using Immunoradiometric Assay – A.A.K. Khadim, S. M. Abu Raihan, Zahangir Alom and N. Fauzzunnessa
8 September 10, 2017 Synthesis, Characterization and Reactions of Some Iron-Sulphur Cluster Complexes – F. R Alam, S. S Ullah and A. Rahman
9 September 10, 2017 The Impacts of Dredging on the Recovery Rate of Zooplankton Abundance and Benthic Composition in Recently Dredged Harda Baor in Meherpur – A.K.M. Nazrul Kabir and M. Niamul Naser
10 September 10, 2017 Soil Pollution in the Agro-Industrial Areas of the Northern Part of Dhaka City – Atisha H Kanta, S.Z.K.M. Samshad and Siraful Hoque
11 September 10, 2017 Measurement of Alpha Emitters Concentration at Ground Level in Different Places in the Dhaka City Using Solid State Nuclear Track Detector – M. M. Alam, M. M. Ahsan, and S.A. Raihan
12 September 10, 2017 Effects of thermophoresis, heat flux and chemical reaction on mixed convection heat and mass transfer with temperature dependent viscosity on a stretching sheet – Mohammed Abdur Rahman and M. A. Alim
13 September 10, 2017 Effect of Nitrogen Fretilizer to Increase the Yield of Carrot (Daucus Carota L.) – A.F.M. Ziaul Haque, Mohammad Sayedul Haque and Najmun Naher
14 September 10, 2017 Instruction to Authors