Internal Audit

Md. Safiq Ullah
Md. Safiq Ullah

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The Internal Audit Department is established for the purpose of providing high quality auditing services under the active guidance and supervision of the Honorable Vice-Chancellor with reasonable assurance that the financial control and service delivery systems throughout the University are adequate, transparent, efficient and cost-effective according to the regulatory framework, organizational policy and as per fair expectations of the stakeholders.


  1. To conduct Financial audit of accounts of the various funds of NU, namely: Recurring Fund, ADP Fund, Own Development Project Fund, General provident Fund, Staff Welfare Fund, House Building Loan Fund and other Fiduciary and Trust Funds;
  2. To undertake audit of the various administrative unit or on specific operational process of the University in order to evaluate the service performance during a given period of time;
  3. To conduct special investigations on any matter relating to the activities of the University, any affiliated college;
  4. To conduct special investigations on any matter relating to the activities of the University, of any affiliated college;
  5. To conduct compliance audit regarding the enforcement of University Act, regulations, statutes and orders of the authority and the management;
  6. To co-ordinate with the Government audit team in performing their duties regarding NU audit and handling of audit objections raised by Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG)/Public Accounts Committee of the National Parliament;
  7. To submit half yearly Report to the University Grants Commission regarding the settlement of audit objections;
    To attend bilateral/tripartite meeting organized by C&AG Office/Ministry of Education towards the settlement of audit objections;
  8. To render advisory services to the various administrative/academic units of NU regarding interpretations/explanations of Financial Rules/Orders/Statutes/Policies;
  9. To organize workshops /seminars regarding Financial control/discipline, Auditing and Accounting Standards and other related topics towards professional development;
  10. To keep close contact with National/ International Auditing/ Accounting Standards setting bodies and with the Internal Audit Offices of other reputed universities at home and abroad; and
  11. To carry out other specific duties as directed by the National University authorities.