Proctor Office

H.M. Tayehid Jamal

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Functions :

  1. To maintain and improve a congenial atmosphere on the campus.
  2. To extend all help to the students and guardians getting their necessary works done.
  3. To trace and identify those teachers, officers and employees of the University who are involved in corrupt practices and engaged in activities detrimental to and against the interest of the University and report the same to the authority.
  4. To oversee and evaluate the disciplinary system of different departments of the University.
  5. To find out the lapses in the activities of the different departments and report to the Vice-Chancellor.
  6. To advise the authority as to how the works of different departments can be done more speedily.
  7. To take necessary steps in handing over the culprits who indulge in corruptions within the campus to the law enforcing agencies.
  8. To maintain peace and discipline at the different functions, meetings and rallies organized within the campus.
  9. To perform the protocol duties of the Vice-Chancellor.
  10. To submit a weekly report to the authority about the overall condition prevailing on the campus.
  11. To perform any other duties assigned by the authority.