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The examination division conducts all the examinations of the university. Under the overall supervision of the Vice-Chancellor of the university, the controller of examinations as the head of the division is fully responsible for all activities relating to examinations and publication of examination results. The division is composed of one controller of examinations, fifteen deputy controllers, thirty-seven assistant controllers, eighty-four section officers, fifteen sub-technical officers and about five hundred supporting staffs.

Examination division in collaboration with the Computer and ICT unit of the university accomplishes the responsibilities of registration of students, processing of marks and preparation of examination results. Till now results of the Degree, Honors and Masters are being processed and prepared in computerized system. Steps are being taken to computerize the results of all examinations with OMR and litho-code system. The Computer & ICT Unit is being equipped and strengthened to accomplish the enhanced responsibilities.

  • Statistics Result of Professional Degree
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