Prof. Dr. Harun-or-Rashid Vice-Chancellor, National University

Prof Dr.Harun-or-Rashid
Vice-Chancellor, National University

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Dr. Harun-or-Rashid obtained B. A (Hons) and M. A. degrees from the University of Dhaka securing first position in the former and first in first class in the later. In 1983 he did his Ph.D degree from the University of London under Commonwealth Scholarship. He carried on post- doctoral research at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London during 1992-93 under Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship. In 1994 he went to Sweden under Swedish Government Scholarship to pursue diploma in Conflict Resolution at the Uppsala University. In 2014 he went to Kyoto, Japan under Numata Fellowship and carried on research on CHT at Ryukoku University.

Dr. Harun-or-Rashid started his carrier as a Lecturer in Political Science, University of Chittagong, in 1979. He became Assistant Professor in 1984. He returned to the University of Dhaka as Assistant Professor in 1985. He became Associate Professor and Professor of Political Science in 1990 and 1995 respectively. Before joining the National University as Vice-Chancellor he was a selection grade Professor in the University of Dhaka.

During his 38 years of teaching Dr. Rashid had the privilege to serve different bodies and institutions in many capacities including being Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka (2009-2012), Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Dhaka, for three consecutive terms (2003-2009), Senate Member, University of Dhaka (1994-2008), Syndicate Member, University of Dhaka (2009-2012), Member of Executive Committee of Chittagong University Teachers Association (1984), Member of Executive Committee of Dhaka University Teachers Association for three consecutive terms (2007-2009), Provost of A.F. Rahman Hall, University of Dhaka (1997-2001), Member of National Text Books and Curriculum Committee (1996) constituted by the Bangladesh Government to revise books in the light of the ideals and spirit of the War of Liberation, Member of Professor Shamsul Haque National Education Policy Formulation Committee (1997), General Secretary of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (1994, 1995), Vice President of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (2006, 2007 and 2012, 2013). He joined the National University as Vice-Chancellor on 6 March 2013. He is now serving his second term (2017- ) as Vice-Chancellor.

Dr. Harun-or-Rashid is the author of 11 (Eleven) research books, 5 (five) edited books and 65 articles/ chapters published in books and journals in home and abroad. His major works include:
The Foreshadowing of Bangladesh: Bengal Muslim League and Muslim Politics, 1906-1947 (Asiatic Society, 1987), revised and enlarged edition (The University Press Limited-UPL, 2003, 2012); Inside Bengal Politics 1936-1947: Unpublished Correspondence of Partition Leaders, (UPL, 2003); Bangladesh: Politics, Governance and Constitutional Development, 1757-2000, (in Bangla), (New Age Publications, 2001); Statehood Ideal of the Bengalis and the Emergence of Bangladesh, (in Bangla), (Agami Prokashoni, 2001); Unfinished Memoirs of Bangabandhu Revisited (in Bangla), (UPL, 2013); ‘Our Charter of Survival’ : 50 years of 6 points (Bangla), (Bangla Academy 2016); Mainstream Politics : Bangladesh Awami League, Council 1949-2016 (Bangla), (Bangla Academy 2016). Sate-E Marcher Bhason-Keno Biswa -Oitijaya Sampad : Bangabandhu Muktijuddah Bangladesh (1st Edition: Bangla Academy; 2nd & 3rd edition: onnayprokash, 2018). Bongio Muslim League - Pakistan Andolon - Bangalir Rastrovabna - O - Bangabandhu ( 1st Edition: onnayprokash, May, 2018 )

Dr. Rashid also edited learned Journals which include: Social Science Review and Samajik Biggan Patrika (University of Dhaka), Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Humanities). He was the joint editor of State and Culture volume (Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2007), Assistant Editor, History of Bangladesh, 1704-1971, 3 vols (Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 1992) and Member, Board of Editors, Banglapedia [National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, Vol.1] (Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2003). Currently besides the position of Vice-chancellor, he is engaged in the project of writing the Encyclopedia of Bangladesh war of Liberation in 20 volumes at the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh being its Chief Editor and Co-ordinator.

Dr. Harun-or-Rashid attended many international seminars and conferences held in countries including USA, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Hong Kong (China), Japan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Qatar, Jordan.

He has one son and one daughter.